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Window Shutters Can Enhance The Energy Efficiency of Your Baton Rouge Home

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As a Baton Rouge homeowner, you have an obligation to consider different means by which you can improve the performance of your property. In this day and age of high energy prices, one of the most important home performance issues is energy efficiency. If there is any means by which you can reduce the amount of energy that is wasted in your home, it is worth considering. If you can improve the energy efficiency of your home while also making your property more beautiful and enjoyable, then the project is a practical necessity.

Believe it or not, one amazing way in which you can beautify you Baton Rouge home while enhancing its energy efficiency is to install interior or exterior shutters. According to energy experts, a great deal of energy escapes from our homes via radiant heat through the windows. Using shutters as a barrier to radiant heat is a very cost effective means of improving the performance of your windows.

If you are interested in installing shutters on your Baton Rouge home, you should find a professional shutter and blind company to help you select the best options. In the local area, the best shutter design experts are at Baton Rouge Shutters, Blinds, and More. Their professionals can provide you with a wide range of samples so that you can find the best styles to beautify your family home.

Shutter Block Radiant Heat Improving Energy Efficiency Year Round

The most obvious way in which shutters can improve the energy efficiency of your Baton Rouge home is by keeping sunlight out of the interior of your property. During the summertime, keeping the shutters closed while you and your family are away at work and school is a great way to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home.

In addition, shutters can work in the opposite way during the winter time. By closing your shutters in the evening, you can keep more radiant heat within your home. By adding beauty and functionality to your home, you are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with your new shutters.

Shutters Can Optimize Passive Solar Energy Gains

In another way, you can use your shutters to let radiant heat into your home when it would actually benefit your energy consumption. During the winter, you want to allow the maximum amount of solar energy into your home. As such, leaving south-facing shutters opens allows in the most radiant heat. Likewise, during the summer, you can optimize natural light infiltration by leaving north-facing shutters open. These simple passive solar gains result in substantial energy savings.

If you need to hire a professional shutter and blind company in Baton Rouge, call Baton Rouge Shutters, Blinds, and More today at 225-330-9018, or fill out our online request form.



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