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How to Keep Your Wood Blinds Clean

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How to Keep Your Wood Blinds CleanDoes your home suffer from indoor air pollution? Indoor air pollution affects everything in the home including the wood blinds that you have invested so much money in. These types of blinds are durable but once they become dirty, they are not appealing.

It doesn’t matter what type of the window treatment that’s on your windows, it’s how they are maintained that counts. So many people just have them hung and do nothing more to them. They are functional components of the household just like anything else.

Cleaning the blinds is the easiest way to preserve them. All you have to do is take a feather duster and lightly go over the slats. This will keep the dust from accumulating. Also, if anyone suffers from allergies in the home, dusting will keep the allergens from getting worse.

Maintenance for window blinds is essential, but simple. Blinds are different from other types of treatments because they don’t get tangled. They can be cleaned using a feather duster and also some mild soap and water solution.

Damages can happen to the blinds over time, especially if you won a pet or have a child. Children and pets are alike in the fact they both like to get into things in which they shouldn’t. Horse play often affects the Baton Rouge blinds by damaging them.

This is when you need to call a professional window treatment service. Vinyl blinds are a lot different from wood. If the wood becomes affected, the slats, which are damaged, will need replaced. Some things to watch for:

  • Broken and damaged slats
  • Wand not working properly
  • Panels that become stuck

Brand name treatments made from wood, come in a variety of stains and styles such as the vertical and bamboo options. The best way to prevent damages and keep up with the blinds is to see them as a vital part of the home.

A home with clean and undamaged blinds is more secure. Blinds can be a filter from the sun’s rays and prevent high energy bills. Blinds are trendy and inexpensive as they can make any home the elegant home it was meant to be.

Keeping the home clean means wiping down your windows and window treatments when necessary. There’s little things that you can do on a weekly basis that will prevent your window blinds from getting dirty. The following tasks should be done weekly:

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting

If you have a hard time finding time to clean your Baton Rouge wood blinds, hire a cleaner. There are lots of professionals out there that can save your blinds from becoming part of your indoor air pollution problem.

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