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Handy Window Tint ServicesWhat type of window treatments do you have on your home’s windows? There is a new phase in window treatments that can add value to the home and extract sunlight from hitting your home directly and that is through window tint. No longer is tinting just a thing for car windows.

Window treatments break as some are very fragile. Tint does not break or damage. It is more of an adhesive so it can be applied safely and without the worry of ripping when done through a professional Window Tint Contractor.

Store bought treatments are made cheaply. So many of them are mass produced which means that quality is always often over looked. Cheaper window treatments should be replaced if you are looking to cut down on energy spending.

Tinting has become the new wave of the future for windows all over Gonzales. Many homeowners have reaped the benefits of having this in the home. Some of the more important features of tint are the following:

  • Protection from UV rays
  • Safety
  • Lower energy costs
  • Privacy

It can be hard to imagine a home without any privacy. Some homes have none while others have plenty. It’s imperative to have better privacy from the outside world so you get to enjoy spending time with your family indoors.

Tinting, believe it or not, can protect you from flying chards. Bad weather and heavy winds can break out the windows and cause injuries and damages to the interior of the home. Tint can turn things around for you while protecting the home.

Lowering energy costs is important when considering window treatments for the home. Not only can tint prevent the sun’s rays from getting into the home, but provide you with all-around comfort which means you stay warm ion the winter.

Sunlight can fade and often damage the interior. Carpeting, furnishings, and wall decorations can become affected from the sun. Tint will stop those and other interior damages from occurring. Tint reflects more sunlight than any other widow treatment.

Pets are not window treatment friendly. In fact, they will get into things in which they shouldn’t be in. Your window coverings are one of them. They cannot get into tint as tint is an adhesive which does not hang, but instead are applied.

If you are in need of Gonzales window tint, contact your local window treatment contractor. You can find the professional ones at Baton Rouge Shutters, Blinds and more who can deliver quality and excellence on every project that we do. Call today and lower your energy bills for good.

If you are looking for Window Tint Services in Gonzales then please call 225-330-9018 or complete our online request form.



I couldn't be more pleased! They did window tinting, blinds and shutters for my home and everything is perfect. Pierre, Zach and Jeanette are the most knowledgable and conscientious professionals I have ever had working in my home. Their prices are very reasonable and their quality and expertise are top-notch. I highly recommend them!
- Debbie Ray
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Good prices. Does excellent work, very pleased with my shutters.
- Tim Hunt Jr.
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