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Motorization in Blinds and Shades in Baton Rouge

Motorization Baton RougeWindow treatments are usually mounted with hardware that comes within the packaging. We often do not think of them as being controllable. Baton Rouge Shutters, Blinds and more has controllable window treatment options for your blinds and shades. Whenever you need motorization for your treatments, just call your Baton Rouge Shutter Company and we’ll have them installed quickly and conveniently. Controllable options are expedient and safe for all types of windows in the home, condo, or office.

We all worry about the well-being of our homes whenever we are away from them for longer periods of time. Robberies happen all the time and quite frequently. With customized window treatments you can control, you can make the impression of being home happen.



Motorized blinds can be controlled at the convenience of your couch or bedside. There is no reason to get up to draw the binds whenever you can hit a button to do so. Controllable blinds and shades are great additions for windows that are out of reach.



You’ll certainly enjoy all the benefits that a motorized treatment can do for a home. All year round the sun sets and rises in Baton Rouge and you get caught up in opening and closing them to prevent glare and other intrusions. The advantages that motorized treatments have are:

  • Able to fit larger windows
  • Installed on all window types
  • Second-story motorized options
  • Remote access to any window



The sun can damage the interior of the home. Whether you realize it or not, the sun is responsible for fading our furniture and carpeting the longer a blind is left open and exposed. Motorization can help prevent this problem from affecting your interior.


No Cords

Cords can make window treatments unappealing. With motorized options, there are no messy cords. This will leave your treatments looking as elegant as ever. Besides, cords are dangerous when it comes to pets and children.


Wear & Tear

Repairs are common for shades and blinds. This is due to all the tugging and pulling that goes on with them. With remote access, you will no longer need to worry about these damages. Remote access allows for less wear & tear on your treatments.



With a motorized mount, you will add to the beauty of your window treatments as there are no ugly cords to be seen nor a wand to hand control them. Your windows will become more aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Call for more information and prices for Baton Rouge Motorized Blinds and Shades. They are a great investment and will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly.


Our Baton Rouge Motorization Contractor Provides These Detailed Services

  • Motorized Blinds
  • Motorized Shades
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  • Motorized Curtains
  • Motorized Window Blinds
  • Motorized Roller Shades
  • Motorized Skylight Shades
  • Motorized Vertical Blinds
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  • Motorized Shades in Baton Rouge


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