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Customized Draperies & Curtains in Baton Rouge

Draperies & Curtains Baton RougeCustom window treatments are usually the right solution for the windows in a home. They are great for protecting the interior from too much sun and also insulate the interior from the cold weather outside. This is why customized draperies & curtains from Baton Rouge Shutters, Blinds and more are the way to make your home look and feel elegant. You too can choose the right one depending on the type of windows and rooms you are redecorating.

In order to get the right treatments, you’re going to have to pick out from a large array of colors, fabrics, styles, and patterns. The process may seem overwhelming, but the outcome is well worth it. Call your Baton Rouge Shutter Company to have a professional window treatment installed into your home.


Heavy Curtains

Heavy window treatments help to keep the weather from interrupting your home life. Heavy fabrics add to the insulator values. These are great window treatments for the winter. Heavy fabrics are also stronger and longer lasting in Baton Rouge homes.


Light Curtain Sheers

Now sheers are much airy and lighter than heavy fabrics. There are a lot of silks and other lighter fabrics that can make for the perfect window treatment. With a lighter sheer, you can accentuate them with a valance or swag.


Curtains & Drapes Benefits

There are plenty of benefits of having a customized window treatment over a regular store bought pair because with customized solutions, you’re getting quality that is hand-made. Hand-made treatments also are more appealing to the eye.



Your windows should be appealing. Although we can’t always make sure that our widows are looking their best; with a pair of custom window treatments, they will be. Custom designs and fabrics are more appealing and add value to the windows.



New windows already have value to them. But windows with new and customized window treatments can add value to the home. Fabrics and new patterns add to the class of the rooms in which they are installed. Window treatments can also:

  • Close in a room
  • Give it an elegant/classical look
  • Blend in with the interior



New window treatments also add to the insulation of the interior. So many homeowners don’t realize that most of the air, coming out of the AC or furnace, runs right out the windows. You pay for what goes out your windows.

Before you continue paying for those higher energy bills, call Baton Rouge Shutters, Blinds and more and have the best fitted Baton Rouge Custom Window Treatments. We will help make your home efficient and looking terrific.


Our Baton Rouge Draperies & Curtains Contractor Provides These Detailed Services

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  • Drapes
  • Thermal Curtains
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